LED ulicna00LED street lighting is not a novelty in the world but in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is a huge step in energy efficiency projects. Several cities and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented street lighting replacement projects. The old street lighting usually consists of sodium or mercury lamps and the new ones are those with the LED technology that are energy efficient.

 The USAID pilot project enabled Bijeljina, Srebrenica and Trebinje new street lighting, which were implemented with help of UNDP and resources of these municipalities (Kulić, 2013.26). The municipality of Olovo implemented the replacement using its resources partly from its budget, while the other part will be repaid from generated savings. The same project implemented municipality of Gorazde as well, and similar one has been started a few months ago in Bihac.

Street lighting in Gorazde

LED gorazde
Figure 1. LED lighting in Gorazde, source: www.work.ba

 The first municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina that got the LEDs in the public lighting is Gorazde, thanks to the company Bekto Precisa which is located in this municipality. It was a pilot project in cooperation with the Municipality of Gorazde. Primarily the main street was illuminated (www.balkans.com).

Replacement of existing lamps with the new LED lamps was the project which costs were about 140,000 KM. Part of the funds was provided by Government of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, while the other part was provided from Municipality budget. It is important to note that the contractor was domestic company from Bijeljina, and the domestic LED product is used as well (www.bpk.gov.ba).

Street lighting in Bijeljina, Srebrenica and Trebinje

Figure 2. City park in Bijeljina with new LED lamps, source:www.minel-schreder.rs

Bijeljina had costs about 1 million KM for public lighting for about 8,000 lighting lamps which were mainly mercury lamps. These lamps did not satisfy neither economic nor environmental standards. Replacing the old lamps with energy efficient LED lamps will save about 30% of resources and proper lighting management such as reducing the intensity of illumination would make up to 70% savings. The achieved savings in four years will completely repay the investment costs according to prognosis in this municipality (www.energis.ba).

Three streets and the city park got the LED lighting in Bijeljina where the old mercury lamps were replaced with LEDs. The city park is one of the largest and the oldest in Bijeljina (it has been planted in a time period from 1890 to 1893), and 28 new decorative LED lamps were placed. Project cost was 151,000 KM (www.cepei.ba, www.bijeljina.org).

Figure 3. Srebrenica by night,
source: www.prijateljisrebrenice.org

Street lighting in Srebrenica

The value of this project is 80,370 KM, and it was implemented through replacing about 100 old mercury bulbs in four streets. LED lighting saves about 11,000KM annually in this municipality. Participation of municipality was 40,000KM and these costs will be repaid in four years (www.energetika.ba & www.esrebrenica.ba).

Street lighting in Trebinje

Figure 4. Trebinje by night,
source: www.trebinje059.com 

USAID pilot project in 2013 provided 109,000 KM for replacement of classical street lighting in Trebinje. Savings were 70% comparing with the old street lighting system. Municipality made savings of about 28,000 KM and reduced the emissions of 64 tons of carbon dioxide. The public lighting costs have been 700,000 KM before placing the LEDs. Projects in a field of energy efficiency were continued during 2015 as well when the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) together with the Association of Towns and Municipalities of RS replaced 40 outdated lamps with the new LED lamps in the exit part of the town. (www.trebinjelive.info, www.koraknaprijed.com).

Street lighting in Olovo

Old public lighting lamps replacement project was made by Olovo Municipality in 2014 as well. The activities started in April 2014 and they contained tender announcement, contractors selection, etc. In September in the same year the part of a city zone got its new LED lighting! All activities related to replacement and installation were completed by February 2015. The old lamps were placed where the investor determined. This contained 67 lamps in the city zone, which were the classical types (mercury, sodium, etc.) and they were replaced with new technology lamps InteWatt Street Light 03-ST660-50 type with the power of 70W for two lamps that are illuminating the town entrance zone and the other 65 lamps with the power of 50W. In other streets and town parts 92 similar lamps were replaced with the power of 40W. Apart from old lamps replacement, 136 new lamps with the powerof 40W were placed also in those parts of the town which have not been illuminated at all.

LED Olovo1
Figure 5. LED lamp InteWatt
used in Olovo, source:
InteWatt Systems Catalog
LED Olovo2
Figure 6. Olovo, park LED lamps, source: author

Based on data of Municipality of Olovo costs of the electrical energy during first nine months in 2013 for a street called Gornje Olovo were exactly 2 980.05 KM. There were 18 lighting lamps in this street and they were of different types but mostly high-pressure mercury bulbs with the power of 125 W, mounted on wooden or concrete columns with 8m height. According to this, one lighting lamp had monthly cost for electrical energy in amount of approximately 18 KM. After the old lamps were replaced with the new ones and additional lamps were placed as though (in total 49 LED lighting lamps with the power of 40 W), during the first nine months in 2015 costs for electrical energy for these lamps were 2 029.49 KM. When we calculate it in the same way as it was calculated for 2013 we get the data that the cost of electrical energy for one new LED lamp is approximately 4.60 KM per month. Therefore, for more lighting lamps with the less power municipality has to pay significantly smaller amount of money. In this case it is 46 % less costs for 31 lighting lamp more than before. It is important to note that maintenance costs in 2013 were about 11,000 KM (e.g. for these 18 lamps it was average 761.5 KM per year or 6.9% of total cost) and there are no maintenance costs for 2015 at all. Old lamps were operating in a time period from 1998 to 2013 and average maintenance costs were 10,000 to 15,000 per year. Guarantee for the LEDs is 3-5 years and no servicing has been made till now. Investments costs will be repaid in 4 years, partly from municipality budget, and the other part from the electrical energy savings. Total repay is expected in 8-10 years.

LED Olovo3LED Olovo4
             Figure 7. Street in Olovo with LED lamps (left) and classical lamps (right)

Street lighting in Bihac

In area of Bihać 3,670 lamps are being planned for replacement starting from Izačić, town centre, main street in the town to Ripač. Also, 117 columns should be replaced as well as the electrical installations. Value of this project is about 2.5 million KM. Expected savings are 30-35%. Currently, this municipality is working on finding the best partner for project implementation (www.klix.ba).

These are just some of the projects in the field of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is very positive that there are activities in this area but it is also the high time for authorities to see all the benefits of the LED technology and to replace all of the antique public lighting lamps with the LEDs.

Source: BhDOCumentary

Author: MSc. Edina Hasanspahić


Big thanks to employees of Municipality of Olovo for the data provided.

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