COvjek-i-krs2018-logo manjiInternational Symposium ALCADI 2018 - History of Speleology and Karstology in the Alps, Carpathians and Dinarides.

Livno, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Time: Tuesday, 26.-Friday, 29. June 2018.


A comprehensive understanding of karst

International Conference "The man and karst" will be organized this year in Livno, on the edge of one of the most beautiful karst polje in the Dinarides. As before, the goal is to continue affirmation of karst potentials and protection of karst ecosystems and its karstic heritage. This is intended to be achieved through better connections and meeting people interested in karst issues and exchanging scientific news. We would also like to get the attention of attendees and report works dealing with changes in karst environments and landscapes, which may be the result of natural processes, and in particular the impact of man. But, like every year, there is a wide range of topics from which you can report your work. They include: general karstology, geomorphology, speleology, biospeleology, karst environment and nature conservation, tourism and economy, culture and the cultural landscape, karst in art and other interdisciplinary subjects.

We are starting from the broadest, holistic concept of karstology, and not just from its scientific activities, but also from practical engagement, so we invite people from the economy, those who work in the education or manage local communities. Karst can be adequately understood, used and protected only if we approach it from different areas and perspectives.

This gathering is a chance for young explorers to establish cooperation with others, not just peers from the region, but also karstologists of world reputation. As with similar past meetings, we want to provide the opportunity for a preliminary presentation of the activities of speleological clubs and companies.

This year we also hope to have a fruitful exchange of information, relaxation, and enjoyment of the ambience of the extraordinary karst of the Livanjsko polje, Livno and its heritage.

Within the conference "Man and Karst" The International Symposium ALCADI 2018 - History of Speleology and Karstology in the Alps, Carpathians and Dinarides will be organized.

First circular


Hotel "B&M Livno"

Address: Gospodarska zona Jug bb

81101 Livno, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Tuesday, 26.-Friday, 29. June 2018.


Center for Karst and Speleology, Sarajevo

University of Zadar

University of Podgorica

E-mail: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.

Organizational committee

Tanja Bašagić, Tome Marelić, Mirnes Hasanspahić, Simone Milanolo, president, Behudin Alimanović

Scientific committee

Goran Barović

Ognjem Bonacci

Jelena Ćalić

Gordan Karaman

Andrej Kranjc

Kristina Krklec

Rebert Lončarić 

Ivo Lučić

Andrej Mihevc

Simone Milanolo

Jasminko Mulaomerović, president

Luiz Eduardo Panisset

Dražen Perica

Denis Radoš

Zoran Stevanović

Maša Surić 

Nadja Zupan Hajna

Topics of the conference:

• general karstology

• geomorphology

• speleology

• speleobiology (biospeleology)

• management of karst environment and nature protection

• tourism and economy

• culture and cultural landscape

• hagiotopography

• karst in art

• interdisciplinary topics

Excursions and field trips

Full day excursion: Livno – Livnanjsko polje - Busko lake - Vrilo Ricine - Livno (option - visit to Grahovsko polje).

Possibility for a short tour: Caves and the spring of Duman

Visit to the Ethnographic collection of the Franciscan Monastery of Gorica

Technical information:

The working part of the conference - exhibitions and posters will be held in the premises of Hotel "B&M Livno".

Application for the conference and deadline for submission of summaries: 15. 5. 2018. to e-mail: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.

The second call and program schedule will be published by 1.6.2018.

Full papers need to be submitted electronically upon registration.

Participants are registered by electronic mail. Authors may suggest a form of presentation

(oral presentation or poster), and the decision will be made by the Scientific and Professional Committee.

Summaries with keywords should be delivered in the author's and English language.

Selected papers will be published in the collection of papers in Our karst magazine.

Accommodation: within the hotel "B&M Livno" there is possibility of accommodation for participants with limited accommodation capacity. The price of the full board is 50.00 KM per day. It is foreseen that participants will provide and book accommodation by the e-mail address: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli. or on some of the phone numbers that are on the link: When booking accommodation, please note that it is for the participation at the Man and Karst conference.

Fee: The fee is 100 Euro and is paid when registering the participants. For this amount, the participants have covered excursion costs, excursion guides, collection of summaries, proceedings, workshops, welcome dinner and refreshments during the breaks.


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